Chicken Rice House
LG 2-6A
A restaurant with a home made recipe. It’s chicken is roasted to perfection daily.

Tel: +603 5612 3276
Go Noodle Bar
LG 2-6B
CCraving for local noodles? In here you can choose from a selection of five types of noodles to go with our local favourites such as Asam Laksa, Prawn Mee, Curry Mee, Soup Noodle, Dry Noodle and Tom Yan.

Mekong House Restaurant
LG 2-5
Chào mừng bạn! Welcome! Mekong House greets you with our authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisines. We aim to preserve the freshness and natural taste of our food as much as possible - as the 'true light cuisine of Asia'.

Tel: +603 5631 6617
Oldtown White Coffee
LG 2-2 & 2-3
OLDTOWN White Coffee is more than just good white coffee. This is the best place to slowly sip a cup of white coffee while enjoying the ambience and camaraderie of the outlet.

Tel: +603 5611 7202
Prestige Cafe
LG 2-4
Our cafe serves delicious European cuisine. Come and have a meal along with our desserts & coffee by the Lakeside

Tel: +603 5611 3078
Pizza Cottage
LG 2-7
Pizza Cottage offers a casual dining by the lake side with items including gourmet pizzas made with our signature "the original recipe" hand pressed dough with our very own mixes. We also have mouth-watering burgers and a wide variety of appetizers, chicken snacks and desserts.

Tel: +603 5611 6116
Pie Action
LG 2
Pie Action serves up delicious meat filling, crusty savoury pies. We have a wide selection of pies which are the Action pies, Regular pies, Supreme pies, Pot pies & Fruit pies.