Arisan Fried Chicken
LG 1-8B
The ever popular Taiwainese Fried Chicken & Desserts restaurant.

Tel: +6016 384 6368
Brewing Thai
LG 1-10
Features the finest of culinary skills to deliver the very best of Thai cuisine. Whet appetites with the freshest ingredients and delicious meals, serving up sumptuous Thai food.

WhatsApp: 0123998548
Fork & Spoon
LG 1-5
Fork & Spoon has it all with an menu of Asian and Western cuisine at affordable prices.

F2F Noodles House
LG 1-6
"Face to Face" offers Sarawak traditional homemade noodles and a variety of mouthwatering Pan Mee complimented with various types of chili to its diners.

Tel: +603 5612 9875 & +6012 295 8048
Grub Bistro
LG 1-3
Grub Bistro is a favorite hangout spot that serves a variety of Asian & Western Food and Beverages at value for money prices. A "must try" are their gourmet Modern Coffee & Chocolate selection.

Tel: +603 5612 9858
JC’s pancakes
LG 1-8A
JC’s Pancakes serves delicious & crispy apam stuffed with varieties of mouth-watering fillings of your choice.

Tel: +603 5613 1337
MISO Korean Restaurant
LG 1-12
Traditional Authentic Korean food at its best.

Tel: +603 5613 7339
Ranggoli Kitchen
LG 1-4
Banana Leaf rice - South Indian cuisine. Tickle your taste buds with unique taste of Ranggoli Kitchen.

Tel: +6016 979 7936
LG 1-13
Saranghea means LOVE. We love our customers as much as they love our street food outlet. Saranghea is a famous Korean Rice Stick Sosiji. This great and delicious food is now available to Malaysians.

Tel: 018-662 9688
Snowy Café
LG 1-9
Enjoy desserts, Asian & Western cuisine at Snowy Café. Special recommendations: The many unique flavors of desserts at Snowy Café.

Tel: +603 5611 4756
Star Teh Tarik Restaurant
LG 1-11
Serving indian food & nasi kandar.

Tel: +603 5885 4609
WhatsApp: +6019 669 6460
LG 1-7
Subway, the world's largest submarine sandwich franchise, is well known around the world for its sandwiches with high quality ingredients.

Tel: +603 5638 0618